How we are green

There is nothing new about being green for New Morning. 

Our family has always grown an organic garden and recycled our kitchen waste through sheet composting. We were recycling before curbside recycling existed. Sustainability is what we have always practiced, and we continue to implement these practices through our business. 

A snapshot of the ways we strive to be sustainable in our business include: 

  • Composting all produce waste at our home--to be made into compost for our organic garden--Sweetwater Farm Organics
  • Recycling all cardboard, plastic, glass, tins…
  • Bring all redeemable bottles to the redemption center
  • Worked with Energy Maine to put New Ballast lights throughout our store, which saves electricity every day
  • Where we have been able, we have replaced windows with energy efficient windows
  • Rain barrels collect the water from our roof and water our planters